Album of the Week #3: Modal Soul – Nujabes

2005 This album certainly isn’t bad, but I’ve listened to it about three times through and I can’t get into it. I don’t know what it is. The ingredients are good: well-constructed beats, an eclectic range of influences including jazz, hip-hop, rock and some Latin thrown in there, some solid enough vocal performances from guest... Continue Reading →

I called out a cyberbully on Rocket League. His response took me by surprise

I’ve been playing Rocket League for a few years, so I know how toxic the community can be. You’re lucky if you miss a shot or a save and don’t get a derisive comment from your opponents or, as is more often the case, your teammates. Some people take issue with you for other reasons.... Continue Reading →

The Woman Who Taught Me How to Walk (Again)

“One Euro one, six for six. Very, very tasty, very, very good!” So went the song of the samosa salesman. He was a youngish guy of South-Asian origin, and I wondered why he sang in English rather than Catalan or – heaven forbid around these parts – Spanish. I normally find these hawkers irritating when... Continue Reading →

The Queen’s Gambit: Double Review

After watching Netflix's The Queen's Gambit, Sophie and I found that we had much to discuss - and disagree about. I suggested we put our contrasting views into writing and publish them side-by-side. What follows is the result. Enjoy, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below. Alone, but... Continue Reading →


J’avais un rêve interessant hier soir. J’étais avec ma famille dans notre maison en France. C’était la maison que nous avions jusqu’a 2013, quand mes parents l’ont vendu. La maison c’était la plupart le même que je me souviens, mais dehors, le village avait l’air un peu différent. Les rues étaient plus larges et il... Continue Reading →

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