On Death and My Grandpa

My Grandpa Guido passed away on 25th July 2021 My Grandpa continued to live his life after Granny died. He spent time with his friends, went to church, visited family abroad. But it was never quite the same. She’d been gone almost a decade and Grandpa was in his mid-eighties when he decided he, too, … Continue reading On Death and My Grandpa

The Woman Who Taught Me How to Walk (Again)

“One Euro one, six for six. Very, very tasty, very, very good!” So went the song of the samosa salesman. He was a youngish guy of South-Asian origin, and I wondered why he sang in English rather than Catalan or – heaven forbid around these parts – Spanish. I normally find these hawkers irritating when … Continue reading The Woman Who Taught Me How to Walk (Again)

Watermelon for the Runner

You know those people you get in hostels who are by themselves and yet seem to be at the centre of everything? This guy seemed like that, firing off jokes to people who walked by or other people sitting around us, chatting amicably to the staff. Despite his age, he seemed to be in his element. He turned back to me and said, “well, are you gonna come and tell me about yourself or what?”